The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is now the largest diver certification agency in the world and has been for many years. They have proven to me to be the leader in innovation and development of diver training materials and tools that make you a better diver and it also makes it easier to learn.

PADI spent millions in the development of the PADI Recreational Dive Planner, which is designed exclusively for the No-Decompression Recreational Diver. This tool is included in the Open Water Diver Course. Other agencies either pay PADI for the licensing to use the product or they use NAVY tables that were primarily designed for Decompression divers.

PADI also was first at using a modular teaching method, which breaks the Open Water Course into 5 segments equally. This allows the student to finish your first night of academics and go right into the pool the same night.

PADI was primarily the first to produce professional Videos and DVDís to accompany most of the courses. This gives you a visual idea of what to expect and entertains and educates you at the same time.

The reason I chose PADI over the others is that in order to become a PADI Instructor I had to be Tested and Evaluated by a completely unbiased Examiner that is a salaried employee of PADI Corp. This means that I earned the credentials professionally. Some other agencies allow In-House Instructors to certify their own students to be an Instructor.

PADI methods simply translate to a higher level of Quality Assurance for you the student.


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